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Royal baby 'safety fears'

Britain's Duchess of Cambridge faces an increased security risk following the birth of her child.

Catherine is expected to give birth in mid-July following which the couple are reportedly planning to live at her parents' home with the newborn.

William's childhood bodyguard Ken Wharfe has come forward to share his concerns about the child's safety. He claims there will more of a risk if the plan goes forward, rather than if the child was taken to a royal residence.

"There's a real risk of kidnap for this child. There are going to be people in every conceivable tree and bolthole waiting for [Catherine and William's] baby to be pushed out in a pram," Ken told UK magazine Look. "The more I talk about it, the more bizarre [this apparent decision] seems. I can't understand for one moment why they would think this is a viable decision."

Catherine's family home is located in Berkshire and owned by her mother Carole and father Michael. If the couple decide to spend the alleged six-week period after their child is born at the estate they will be defying royal protocol.

Ken says this would be an unsafe move.

"[It's not] secure enough. They may have some security equipment at the house, but there is absolutely no way they could put in enough in the short time she's likely to stay there," he continued.

Ken was in charge of the late Princess Diana's security. His concerns for her son's first child are increased by the popularity of Catherine and William with the public.

"Following the birth of the baby, there will be global interest," Ken said.

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