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RPatz bored of movie star clones

Robert Pattinson reveals actors aren't looked after if they worry too much about the financial success of their films.

The star rarely misses promo duties for his films, but can't believe that those who shun press junkets fall out of favour with the studios.

"People don't tolerate it any more. It's ridiculous. It's really sad that people don't celebrate someone who is a little bit wild. Like Colin Farrell - I remember him seven or eight years ago. You wouldn't even be allowed to do that anymore [run away from a press junket]! If you say, 'Whatever - I'm going to do my own thing,' then you just don't get employed. Ever," Robert told Total Film.

While Robert still encounters lots of diehard Twilight fans, his body of work now speaks for itself.

As well as starring in big budget flicks, the 29-year-old also enjoys working on more offbeat films - but either way Robert never worries himself with the financial success of a project.

"You're not looked after if you go down that road. There's every chance you'll just get abandoned by them anyway, and then you'll have done movies you didn't want to. You're just stuck with nothing. The more art house a film, they're generally financed by people who are not expecting any return. It won't matter for them and they're more loyal. They're making them for different reasons. Of course you'd like at least one people to see it! That's kind of the point!" he smiled.

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