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RPatz cautious of counselling

Robert Pattinson quite enjoys experiencing highs and lows.

The actor might be one of the biggest stars in the industry, but he's still prone to some self doubt.

He had to psych himself up before taking on his latest role in The Rover, but wouldn't consider professional help to deal with his nerves.

"Before an audition I get weak knees and promise myself I'll give up acting," he laughed to German magazine TV Movie.

"I would love to try therapy, but I'm scared of it. And I quite like my highs and lows."

Robert, 28, stars alongside Guy Pearce in The Rover, about a man who hunts down the people who stole his last possession - his car.

He thinks the movie says a lot about how young people feel about the state of the world.

"Every generation thinks the world is going downhill," he mused. "But everything turns out fine in the end. I look at the positives in people."

Robert started off in teen vampire franchise Twilight but has now taken on grittier movie roles. It's something he wants to keep up in the future.

"I've worked with people like Werner Herzog and David Cronenberg now - that's been my dream since I was 16 years old," he marvelled. "I try to embrace new challenges and it would be great if people respect the work I do."

Robert's next roles include thriller Hold on to Me and war drama The Childhood of a Leader.

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