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RPatz: Competition fuels me

Robert Pattinson has joked he's best at acting when trying to win a role.

The 28-year-old actor's career soared after taking on the lead role of vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies. He left the character behind after starring features such as Water For Elephants and Cosmopolis, enhancing his abilities as an actor.

Robert may be sought after in the industry but still has to audition for projects - a process which he is irked by.

“I’m quite good at doing meetings. If I’m just meeting someone about a job I’m like a dog, especially if my agent’s said to me: ‘A lot of people want this job.’ Then I’m like: ‘Oh yeah? Then I will do anything to get it!’" he laughed to British newspaper The Guardian. “I don’t know, I just become a b******t artist! That’s when I start acting! I’m really much better at doing it when the cameras aren’t rolling..."

For his latest movie The Rover, in which he plays Rey, Robert found it incredibly nerve-racking to try-out. He describes his behaviour as neurotic, and recalled some of the actions he pulled out while in front of the camera.

“I just can’t... I literally can’t do it. It’s just me looking uncomfortable, trying to put on an American accent... or sitting in the corner, making myself throw up and punching myself in the face," he explained.

“Just that you think that someone actually believes you can do something. That makes me sound like such an idiot. It’s crazy," he added when asked what helps him get past his neuroses.

Despite the initial anxiety, Robert admits he does feel relieved when he wins a role. He even finds the finished result spiritual.

“For whatever reason, I think there’s something profoundly satisfying about being able to watch something you’ve done afterwards, or to just do a scene and feel like: ‘Oh, I just had an out-of-body experience for a second!’” he gushed.

“Just for one second. And generally people don’t even notice. It feels literally like you’ve been asleep for a second.”

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