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R-Patz: I find weirdos entertaining

Robert Pattinson thinks Hollywood is full of “weirdos” who he finds “entertaining”.

The 28-year-old Twilight star spends the majority of his life in Hollywood thanks to his successful acting career, and thinks the city is full of strange people.

But he has insisted he is okay with being a part of this environment.

“I always find weirdos kind of entertaining and interesting and have a lot of patience for them for some reason,” Rob confessed in an interview with Yahoo! Movies.

The English actor went on to explain his views on Los Angeles, the town he currently calls home. He thinks the nature of the entertainment industry creates a different type of being.

"I think there's definitely something alien about [Hollywood]," the star suggested. "Mainly because people who act - it's really not necessarily just in Hollywood – they’re just people who... they examine themselves a lot more and like to talk about it.”

Rob finds this fascinating, even though he insists he does not subscribe to it himself. According to him, the self-indulgent nature of being an actor contributes to this “weirdness”.

“I think if you’re spending a lot of time being self-obsessed you just end up being kind of a weirdo," he concluded.

Though the actor now spends most of his time in Hollywood, he may in fact make the move back to London soon. There have been whispers that he has intentions to move home in order to be closer to his new English girlfriend FKA Twigs.

The songstress recently told The Mirror things were going well with Rob, who was previously dating actress Kristen Stewart.

She described their relationship as “very good”, but later added, “I wouldn't take advice off me for relationships!”

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