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RPatz: Julianne sex scene's a seven

Robert Pattinson has joked that his sex scene with Julianne Moore was better than the one with Juliette Binoche.

The Twilight star plays Jerome Fontana in David Cronenberg thriller Maps to the Stars. His character enjoys a steamy moment in the back of a car with Julianne's Havana Segrand.

In 2012's Cosmopolis, Robert found himself in a similar situation with Juliette Binoche.

While promoting the new film at Cannes Film Festival today, the 28-year-old was put on the spot when asked who the "better passenger" was.

"They are both like sevens," he giggled at a press event during the festival, before quickly adding: "Obviously, Julianne. It was a wonderful experience, just extremely sweaty."

David directed both flicks and is also behind 1996 film Crash, about a man who rediscovers passion after experiencing a car accident and joining an underground subculture of people who have sex in vehicles.

However, he denies bringing the phenomenon to screens.

"It's not like I invented sex in cars," he shrugged it off. "There is an entire generation of Americans spawned in the back seat.

"I don't think I'm breaking new territory. Besides, why wouldn't you? There are such great cars."

Robert has previously addressed the difficulties of filming erotic moments in confined spaces.

"I remember seeing Juliette before we started shooting the scene. She was giving me advice: 'Keep choosing classy projects and filming intelligent films.' And suddenly, David says, 'Action!' and we start f**king like beasts in the car. Very classy, that’s right," he laughed about Cosmopolis.

"On top of that, it was boiling hot. I was sweating like crazy and huge drops of sweat were running down my forehead. I asked myself if I wasn’t having a heart attack. Every time a drop was falling, I was trying to stop it from ending up on Julianne’s back. It was ridiculous. After a while she turned back in my direction, worried and asked me: 'Are you OK? Are you having a panic attack?' I was out of breath, completely drenched, meanwhile her, not at all."

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