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RPatz laughs off Indy rumours

Robert Pattinson “doesn’t understand” why he’s been connected to an Indiana Jones reboot.

The 28-year-old British actor is a big fan of the franchise about the heroic adventurer played by Harrison Ford.

But he admits he has no clue how is name became tangled in rumours he might play a young Indy in an upcoming reboot.

"I don't know why. Why is that coming out? I honestly don't understand what it's all about. Man, I wish!" he mused to People.

RPatz was equally as perplexed about rumours he might take on another one of Harrison’s most famous roles, playing a young Han Solo in a possible spin-off about the Star Wars rebel.

"I didn't even know there was a Han Solo spin-off coming out,” he said while dismissing the claims. “Sounds like a cool spinoff. I'll watch it,” he laughed.

The former Twilight star instead said he’s focused on promoting his current movie The Rover, a dystopian thriller filmed in the Australian outback.

Robert plays Rey, an American from the Deep South bullied by a drifter played by Guy Pearce.

The Hollywood heartthrob admitted trying to keep up his southern accent was a bit challenging, and he didn’t seem convinced he pulled it off.

"I keep trying to do it in my real life. But nobody can understand what you are saying – like my real accent – so you get away with a lot!" he laughed. "Well, with my accent at least!"

Now, Robert’s simply looking forward to seeing what viewers think, although he admits he’s not putting too much pressure on himself.

"I am very curious to see how American audiences are going to take it," he said. "I am eager to see the reactions… I don't have any expectations of any movie that I do. I hope that people like it. I like it."

The Rover is scheduled for US release on June 20.

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