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RPatz: Life is a learning curve

Robert Pattinson is still trying to figure himself out.

The actor started out in the Harry Potter franchise but got his big break playing sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies.

Back then he felt like people were trying to mould him, but the star would rather go his own way – and he hasn’t reached the destination yet.

“I had no idea who I was back then and to be honest, I still don’t!” he admitted to the German edition of Cosmopolitan.

One of the most intense sides of his fame is the adoring fans. Luckily things have calmed down for the introverted 29-year-old.

“I’m happy to enjoy the smaller things in life. The more famous I got, the more I wanted to hide,” he explained. “But it’s better these days. The Twilight fans are older and I’ve become more relaxed.”

That’s not to say life in the limelight is all bad – Robert relishes skipping the check-in queue at the airport and feels privileged to have a say over the film projects he takes on. It also means people are far more lenient with him, with the star recalling a time he spilled mustard all down his front while eating a hotdog.

“Normally I would feel really embarrassed, but everyone around me was saying: ‘Hey, it’s all good!’ Almost as if I’d done something amazing. That’s when I realised: ‘From now on, I can do whatever I want,'" he added.

One thing Robert continues to struggle with is the socialising, admitting he feels awkward as soon as he has to talk to more than one person at a time.

“The crazy thing is, people equate fame with confidence,” he sighed.

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