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RPatz: Parents have taken my house

Robert Pattinson has quipped his parents chucked him out of his own house.

The star previously quipped he “rented an archway” following his split from Kristen Stewart in 2012. Now his living arrangements are back to square one, as he rented his Los Angeles home to his parents while he was away filming in Toronto.

"I've kind of found myself a little bit more at home in LA,” he revealed to TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

"My parents borrowed my house, which I was borrowing off someone else and then they kicked me out of it when I came back from Toronto.

"So that's the end of that, so I'm now homeless again."

The British star added that he’s unsure of the whereabouts of his possessions.

"I'm not entirely sure. It's somewhere. I wish I knew,” he deadpanned.

The 28-year-old has several projects in the pipeline, including drama Queen of the Desert and Maps to the Stars. He seems like a pro during interviews, but Robert admitted that he often lies because he gets nervous when put on the spot.

"It's… [I lie due to] panic... I have extraordinarily heavy saliva,” he babbled.

"If I try and spit, I can only get it about a foot and someone informed me the other day it's because I have very heavy saliva.

"I thought it was because I didn't have much lip power. But I find it easier when I'm lying, I think the panic and adrenaline loosens the saliva."

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