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RPatz’s audition nerves

Robert Pattinson was “terrified” he wouldn’t get The Rover part due to his “bad” audition.

The actor shot to superstardom after being cast as Edward Cullen in the Twilight films and he is currently promoting new movie The Rover in Cannes.

According to Robert, he campaigned extra hard for the part because he knew he would get nervous at the audition.

"I'm so bad at auditioning, and I was terrified that I wasn't going to get it," he admitted to ET Canada. "I really, really fought for it."

Despite his nerves, Rob won the part, which is very different to his past roles. The British star was very excited to play Rey, a person who becomes an accomplice to a ruthless ex-soldier called Eric, played by Guy Pearce.

"It's a character that doesn't really have any constraints," Rob explained about the post-apocalyptic film.

"It's not really specified where he's from or what his desires are or even his mental state and I felt really relaxed doing it because you could just do whatever you wanted, basically."

Rob has spoken in the past about his nerves and how he has to overcome them for roles.

The 28-year-old previously admitted he wasn’t thrilled about taking his shirt off for the final Twilight films.

“The thing I was most nervous about was taking my shirt off,” he said at San Diego’s Comic Con in 2011, reported MTV News.

“I’ve managed to have my shirt on the whole series. In the book, [Edward is shirtless] almost every three pages. [I kept thinking,] ‘How can I wear a T-shirt in the sea? Or a onesie?’ I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. I look like an inflatable frankfurter in some of those [scenes].”

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