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Ruby Rose: Being a fiancée's the best

Ruby Rose doesn't think she'll be tying the knot with fiancée Phoebe Dahl until next year now.

The 29-year-old star is currently enjoying a career high after landing a role in hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

Her personal life is also breezy at the moment after her girlfriend Phoebe Dahl proposed in March 2014. In fact Ruby is so content with how things are currently that she's in no rush to walk down the aisle.

"As it turns out we love being engaged, and I love the word 'fiancée,'" she smiled to People. "It's actually nice that we do wait that extra year and get to enjoy being engaged before we ball-and-chain it."

Ruby didn't realise how drastically her schedule would change once she signed up to the show and that wedding planning has had to take a back seat, but she doesn't mind so much.

The brunette beauty had no idea her character Stella Carlin would become such a hit with fans and due to being so in-demand, the couple's nuptials may not even take place in 2015.

"We want to find the time to plan the wedding, but now I think it's going to be, like, next year. Originally it was going to be this year, but I feel like that's a bit too ambitious," Ruby added.

While Ruby wouldn't mind a small and intimate ceremony, she jokes that Phoebe has "a million people" in her family who are all keen to attend. Therefore the loved up pair are having a larger-scale marriage.

"So it'll be, like, five people from my life and 500 from hers. That's why we haven't planned it yet – because her family is so enormous. I just have to get my mom a plane ticket and a couple of friends," she laughed.

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