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Ruby Rose scared by gunman

Ruby Rose has been left in shock after a gunman was apprehended by police on her property.

The Orange Is the New Black star lives with her fiancée Phoebe Dahl in Los Angeles, which is where the incident occurred. It's not known why the unidentified man was on the 29-year-old star's property, although Ruby kept fans updated with what was happening via Twitter.

"There is a gunman in my back yard. This is petrifying. Helicopters, police, dogs... And a crazy person (sic)," she tweeted in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Despite her fear, the star managed to keep posting about the incident. It seems she called police to her home, and luckily they were able to apprehend the man before anyone was hurt.

"Man arrested. Wow. Crazy. Annnd now I won't be watching horror films before bed anymore (sic)," she wrote.

The star also posted a video of the guy being apprehended, but all mentions of the incident have since been deleted from her social media account. The footage shows cops arriving at her property and looking for the man.

"There's a policeman looking for a fu**ing gunman, and there is a helicopter in my back yard," she wrote.

"When you're supposed to be on a date with @skrillex but.. Something comes up (sic)."

It's thought the actress had either had to return home early from her night out with the DJ because of the issue at her property, or hadn't made it to the meeting at all.

Although it's unknown whether the man was targeting Ruby, she has been the victim of stalkers in the past.

"I have had two very scary stalkers," she previously told British newspaper The Daily Mail. "I had to get R.Os [restraining orders] out [and there was] another angry person who started emailing Phoebe's whole family and my friends.

"It's something I only bother caring about if my life is in danger, or their's. If it got to that I would seek professionals, and I recommend that anyone being threatened do that."

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