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Ruby Rose: The most relaxed It-Girl ever

Ruby Rose is riding the wave of fame.

She may be a breakout star in the UK and US thanks to her role in Orange Is the New Black, but the Australian has been well known for years in her native country thanks to her modelling and TV career.

She’s fallen out of fashion in the past, and knows it can happen again.

"I've had the lulls and ebbs and flows. I've been a has-been and an 'It girl' and has-been and an 'It girl.' I'll be a has-been next week," she told People. “You just learn to ride the wave and just enjoy it. It's not so serious, you know."

Despite working steadily in the industry since 2002, Ruby lacked the confidence to take her career to the next level. This led to her delaying trying her luck in America.

"I was always searching for affirmation that I was OK and that I was good enough, that I could do something and that's probably why it took so long for me to move to the States. There were always people around me that made me feel less and I kept them around. I think I would tell my younger self to believe in herself a bit more and take more risks,” she revealed.

Taking the leap and moving to the States clearly paid off though, and Ruby is a red carpet regular these days.

Despite having known fame down under, the 29-year-old’s global star status is still unfamiliar.

“This has been unparalleled to anything I've ever experienced, and I'm really lucky because I had a lot of success in Australia at a young age, and I think it was good to have that level in Australia and not have that in America. I don't envy anyone who gets worldwide fame at 15 or 18, you're not built with those kinds of skills to deal with the pressure and what it means to have your life change that dramatically,” she said.

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