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Rudd: Body astounds fans

Paul Rudd questioned his intelligence after people talked continuously about his naked body.

After his film Wanderlust gets played on TV, all people want to talk about is the actor's naked scene. Paul stripped off with co-star Jenifer Aniston in the 2012 film about a city couple who end up on a hippy commune.

"Recently Wanderlust has been playing on cable so people are talking about, er, my d**k. I have so many people talking about it, it makes me kind of question how clever I really am," Paul said to Total Film.

But the movie star has come into contact with on screen nudity before.

Starring alongside Steve Coogan in 2011's Our Idiot Brother , Paul got up close and personal with his co-star.

"I didn't know Steve [before the film] and the surreal aspect of just meeting somebody who you really admire and then seeing their penis and testicles... it's just weird!" he laughed.

The 44-year-old star is often praised for his nice guy image on and of screen.

To him, there's no point in playing up just because you're an actor.

"I'm pleased that people don't think that I'm an asshole. I don't think you have to be, in my experience. It's certainly not a bad idea to just be pleasant. It makes it so much easier for everybody involved," he said.

The movie actor isn't just a veteran of the silver screen, he also enjoys performing in plays.

He admits being on the stage is much more exhausting, and has previously compared the experience to childbirth as he always forgets how tough it is.

"When I've said that people have been like, 'F**k you. Do you have any idea what childbirth is like, you piece of sh*t?'" he laughed.

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