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Rupert Everett: Cooking is relaxing

Rupert Everett relaxes by visiting supermarkets.

The British actor has recently taken up cooking as a hobby. He enjoys trying out new recipes and waiting to see if they have worked properly as it helps him unwind.

"My relaxation is cooking. I once had every meal in a restaurant but, since I'm embracing the new austerity in London, I'm not eating out anymore," he explained to New York Post. "Also, much of that food served is c**p. So now my hobby's cooking, and I relax by going to supermarkets."

Rupert also discussed his movie Hysteria, which is about the invention of the first vibrator.

He portrays Edmund St. John-Smythe and has warned the film won't be to everyone's tastes. In particular he thinks guys might find the subject matter embarrassing, as it is about the effect sexuality can have on a woman.

"Ladies will love it. Men may not. They might feel uncomfortable because they have difficulty in terms of women's orgasms," he joked.

"[The movie is] above board. Smoke and mirrors."

Rupert's life has been flamboyant although he thinks he is misunderstood. His upbringing was privileged but the 52-year-old is keen to point out he isn't as posh as many think.

"My past is colourful, but I wouldn't say my family is so upper-crust. In today's market they'd almost be considered serfs. Y'know, I actually think my mother will love this movie. After all, it's never too late to learn," he giggled.

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