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Rupert Everett couldn't handle Campbell

Rupert Everett would want to "shoot" himself if he was in a long-term relationship with Naomi Campbell.

The British actor is gay but enjoys admiring the female form. When quizzed on which famous woman he would sleep with if he was a heterosexual, Rupert was full of praise for supermodel Naomi - but wasn't sure he could maintain a romance with her.

"Grace Jones or Naomi Campbell, although they'd have to be one-night stands," he told the latest issue of UK magazine Glamour. "Their bodies are beyond amazing, but beyond that first night, I should think you would want to shoot yourself."

Rupert went on to reveal he approves of females undergoing cosmetic surgery.

"Love them [women]. If I were straight, I'd enjoy a completely redone woman," he explained. "Oh yeah. I love hard tits, a hard bum - and a designer vagina. Apparently they're great for sex."

Rupert loves to show off his handsome boyfriend. In the past he preferred to be the better looking man in a relationship, but has learned that having the focus on someone else has its advantages.

"In the old days, less good-looking," he replied, when asked if he prefers dating men who are worse looking than he is. "But now I like the trophy aspect (I have a very good-looking boyfriend). I've always understood reflected glory. When you have friends who are huge stars, it's fun to be the tiny diamond around the big canary. Everyone treats you so well."

When quizzed on the advantages of his friendship with Madonna he replied, "Absolutely, you get total credibility just being near someone like that."

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