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Rupert Everett: Stars have flaws

Rupert Everett insists "real stars" are not "robots".

The British actor is never afraid to say what he really thinks. Rupert doesn't understand why people expect Hollywood stars to be perfect, insisting when his career began celebrities were under less pressure.

"I came out of a world of people like Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Faye Dunaway. You saw them drunk, you saw their double chins, got a feeling for who they were," he told the latest issue of UK magazine Glamour. "Real stars are human, not robots. That changed with endorsements. If you're the face of Revlon, you can't afford to have much of a personality."

The 53-year-old admits that being one of the few celebrities to speak his mind can have its drawbacks. Rupert claims people often approach him in the hope that he will say something controversial.

"I don't feel that shocking any more. I feel quite blobby," he revealed. "Plus, if you have nothing shocking to say, and people expect you to be shocking, it can be tricky."

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