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Rupert Grint's dating site dilemma

A Rupert Grint impersonator has been joining dating websites.

The Harry Potter actor remains relaxed about fame, even though the 25-year-old star has been in the limelight since the first wizard movie hit screens in 2001. While he can deal with fans approaching him for autographs at strange times, there are some things that even Rupert draws the line at.

"I don’t usually care about money that much. But when I had my card taken I cared about that. And the guy who did it joined loads of different dating sites," he told British newspaper The Daily Star.

Although the ginger-haired star can see the funny side a little, he became worried that women looking for love might think they were chatting to him online.

"I kept getting post and messages about it all the time," he said. “People must have thought it was me joining."

It's unlikely that Rupert turns to websites when he wants a date, as last year he hinted that he has a secret girlfriend. He didn't open up about her though and it's not known if they are still together.

In the past the star has admitted that finding romance in the limelight can be hard. As he grew up playing Ron Weasley in Harry Potter that is how many people see him, and as time went on he started to realise some were only interested in his fame rather than truly being friends.

"I guess I get a bit more attention than I would do anyway. It’s weird being recognised most places you go. That has been a learning curve over the years, trusting people and working out what their intentions are," he told British newspaper The Daily Mirror.

"I am never on the hunt for girls. If it happens, it happens. It’s not something I am consciously looking for."

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