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Russell Brand: Aggro’s fun!

Russell Brand isn’t about to become a monk but does want to see fair change.

The longhaired lothario has hit the headlines recently because of his political views – namely calling for a revolution and a change in how governments operate.

However, the comedian concedes he’s not really the man to spearhead such radical change.

“You can’t have a revolution made up by a boy who grew up in Grays in Essex [English town] and looks like a prostitute,” Russell explained to British TV host Alan Carr on his show Chatty Man, which airs tonight. “The stuff I am saying, loads of people are thinking it.

“It is not like I am inventing these things. I am not like: ‘I am Russell. I have come to lead you.’ I am just kicking off, just causing aggro... I like it!”

As well as comedy, Russell has gone on to star in Hollywood movies and now has a strong presence in the US.

His call for political change saw him admit he’s never voted in an election, and he doesn’t plan on doing so as he thinks British politics is flawed. The 39-year-old also recently met with Occupy Wall Street protestors and has new book Revolution currently on sale.

Despite receiving heavy criticism for his views, Russell only wants to see a fairer system in place.

“I don’t say I am perfect. I think I am worse than anyone else. All revolution means is change outside of the system. I am not going to become a monk. I am still going to be a bit of a d**k but I want things to be fair,” he explained.

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