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Russell Brand flirty with fans

Russell Brand confirmed he is not currently romancing Jemima Khan during his Messiah Complex show in Atlanta.

The British comedian was recently linked to writer and campaigner Jemima Khan.

However he surprised his audience in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday when he confirmed his alleged romance had come to an abrupt end.

Russell, who divorced Katy Perry last year, was ending the US stint of his Messiah Complex world tour when he got particularly close to a few women in the crowd.

"I'm currently single," he stated.

He then proceeded to lean in to a group of screaming fans in the front row and locked lips with several of them, while others nearby grabbed whatever part of him they could reach.

Russell was also tossed a pair of pink underwear belonging to a woman in the crowd, which he wrapped around his leg at the end of the show.

His flirty behaviour comes after he and Jemima were spotted looking loved up during an outing in New York earlier this month.

He previously revealed he was dating a certain female but kept her identity secret, only describing her qualities.

"I'm not typically immune to the allure of objectified women, but I am presently beleaguered by a nerdish, whirling dervish, and am eschewing all others," he told British newspaper The Guardian.

While the pair seemed content it is rumoured Jemima's family were unhappy with her choice of beau. Her mother Annabel and brother Zac were said to be wary of Russell's womanising ways and had an inkling their relationship wouldn't last.

"Annabel is only too aware of their very different backgrounds and that Russell is famously anti-establishment," an insider recently explained to British magazine Grazia. "She's also learnt that he has been very indiscrete about his ex-wife and is terrified about what he could say about Jemima if their romance was to fizzle out. She's of course supporting Jemima, but they're all a bit nervous."

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