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Russell Brand 'hates marriage conflict'

Russell Brand has a "spiritual mind-set" which means he hates arguing.

The British comedian is in the middle of divorcing Katy Perry, his wife of 14 months. It's been suggested she is keen to talk through their problems, but Russell apparently finds it easier to make a clean break.

"The problem is that when Russell makes up his mind, that's it," a source told the British edition of Grazia magazine. "He's refusing to meet Katy and won't even talk it through with her. He has this spiritual mind-set that hates conflict, and his logic is that if he sits down with Katy, they are bound to end up fighting. That's the last thing he wants, so the simplest solution is to not meet up."

Russell is determined that some distance is just what he and Katy need in order to move on.

However, she wants to talk in an effort to understand why their romance crumbled.

"She knew they had problems - she's not dumb- but to Katy, their marriage was something worth fighting for. She still thinks that - despite everything," the insider added.

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