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Russell Brand questions women's film choices

Russell Brand claims women lie about watching adult movies.

The British comedian broached the topic of risqué films while shooting his new TV show Brand X with Russell Brand. In an outtake posted on his website, Russell is seen quizzing male and female audience members about whether they would confess to watching pornography.

The controversial comedian came to the baffling conclusion that the majority of women would rather say they do watch adult entertainment, just to keep up appearances with their friends.

"So women watch porn. What women don't watch porn. Name a woman who won't admit to watching porn," Russell shrieks at the audience. "Women won't admit to not watching pornography! 'Don't tell my friends but I don't watch porn'! What kind of topsy-turvy world do we live in where women won't admit to not watching porn!"

Russell goes on to analyse the difference between male and female responses to the pornography question. Results from a survey showed not one man would confess not watching blue movies, although Russell had a wise crack ready for this response.

"Do men admit to watching porn? They did a survey and they couldn't find a man who admitted that he didn't watch porn!" Russell said to the audience. "Well how about Stevie Wonder?!"

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