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Russell Crowe: I can't cope with Rusty!

Russell Crowe finds it hard to relax while at his home in Sydney as fans constantly shout for him outside.

The 51-year-old actor was born in New Zealand but moved Down Under with his family when he was just four.

Having now made a name for himself in Hollywood blockbusters such as Gladiator and Robin Hood, Russell is arguably one of the greatest thespians of his generation. But that isn't relevant in Australia, as his level of fame all comes down to a jokey moniker.

"I have a place at the end of this thing that's called the Finger Wharf [in Sydney], so it's 3,400 metres into the harbour. And I get people, all hours of the day and night, going 'HEY RUSTY! AH RUSTY!' People on boats come around, at Christmas time you hear the announcements, 'Ladies and gentleman, Russell Crowe's house. If we call out loud enough, maybe he's in today and he'll come out and wave.' F**k off," Russell deadpanned to James Corden on The Late Late Show, as the audience burst into laughter.

"Here's the thing, in Australia you're not anywhere near successful unless you have a nickname that the entire country agrees is really annoying and that's the one you got."

He continued to explain that celebrities aren't allowed to choose their own nickname and that fans must "apply" them. So there are many occasions in which Russell will be walking down the street and men will pat him on the arm and greet him with the name 'Rusty'.

"It's a continuous thing and it's like, every time in your mind you go, 'Hey,' but you're actually saying, 'F**k off,'" he grinned.

Many view Russell as a true Aussie, but he's previously revealed that he was rejected twice when applying for citizenship in the country. He also finds it bizarre that his face has been featured on Australian stamps; the only non-Australian person to have had the privilege aside from Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.

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