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Russell Crowe reveals dog distraction

Russell Crowe says one of the biggest "distractions" on set is dog poo.

The 48-year-old actor has just finished filming political thriller Broken City, which is due for release early next year.

Many of the scenes were shot in public places, such as New Orleans' Roosevelt Hotel, which meant the cast had to put up with some unusual disturbances.

"It's not ideal. But it's a public place and you just have to get on with it," Russell told Empire magazine.

"The other night Mark [Wahlberg] and I did a six-minute dialogue, and we had a hunting dog running backwards and forwards around the office. And at one point the dog decided to take a cr*p on the carpet. There's always some level of distraction - you just have to work around it."

Russell plays Mayor Nicholas Hostetler in the tale of political scandal, which also stars Mark Wahlberg and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Russell's character hires a private investigator [played by Mark] to follow his wife [played by Catherine], who he suspects is cheating on him.

Director Allen Hughes was excited to put Mark and Russell together in the thrilling movie.

"They are two different types of men, different types of actor," Allen explained.

"But they both have an edge to them."

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