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Rutherford hands kids to paternal grandmother

Kelly Rutherford had “no words” after being ordered to hand her children over to her ex-husband’s mother by a judge.

The former Gossip Girl actress has been in a bitter battle with ex-husband Daniel Giersch over the custody of their children eight-year-old Hermés and six-year-old Helena for months.

Kelly had the pair in her care for the last few weeks as part of their summer vacation, but refused to hand them back over to their father earlier this week. Her ex then accused her of kidnapping and filed a writ of habeas corpus on Monday demanding that the 46-year-old bring their offspring before a judge. Kelly initially refused. However, on Tuesday she arrived at the Manhattan court room with the children where Justice Ellen Gesmer ordered her to hand them over to Daniel’s mother Renita Giersch.

“Ms. Rutherford said, ‘You’re going to see Papa and you’re going with Oma,'” lawyer Ira Garr said according to Page Six. Oma is the German word for grandmother.

“The kids didn’t seem to look like they missed a beat … they kissed their mother goodbye,” he added.

However when Kelly left the court room, she looked distraught, simply saying: “I have no words.”

Daniel was awarded primary custody in 2013 after a judge ruled that because his business visa had been revoked, he was unable to travel to America to visit his children.

Kelly was granted vacations and holiday with the children, but Ira Garr added that this may change after she broke her promise to return the youngsters to Monaco by August 6.

“After this episode, we will be speaking with the client and speaking with his attorney in Monaco and maybe considering taking different measures about future visits to the United States — how the visits are held or whether the visits need to be supervised,” he added. “We don’t want a reoccurrence of this a year from now.”

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