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Rutherford: I’m over the moon to have my kids back!

Kelly Rutherford is thrilled to have her children back in the United States for the summer.

The Gossip Girl alum is in an ongoing legal battle with her ex-husband over the custody of their two children. While her former spouse Daniel Giersch has been living in Monaco with them since having his visa revoked in 2012, Kelly is based in America. However last month a judge in Monaco ruled that the 46-year-old could have the children over the summer and she couldn't be more thrilled to be reunited with them.

“I am over the moon that my children are back in the United States," she told Us Weekly. "I haven't stopped hugging and kissing them."

Her children, son Hermes, nine, and six-year-old daughter Helena, lived with Kelly until 2012, when a judge ruled it would be in their best interests to go with German-born Daniel to Europe after he had immigration issues. While the actress visits her offspring as often as she can, she has been fighting for their permanent return to the States ever since.

“Whether he worked those matters out or not, the children were supposed to come home after only a visit with their father abroad," she explained to the outlet. "Obviously, three years is not a visit -- especially in a young child's life when, as every parent knows, each moment is priceless because children grow and change so quickly."

In May, a California judge granted her temporary sole custody for the summer. While his counterpart in Monaco has the overall jurisdiction on the case, Kelly is hopeful that her children will remain in the United States permanently.

“I'm blessed to be an American, and I hope this is finally the end to a very long and difficult time period when my children were not allowed to live in their own country," she added. "[They] were toddlers - only two and five years old when they left this country. They are now six and nine. Those years are gone but I am looking forward to watching them grow and thrive here in the United States -with family and friends who love them very much, and have missed them terribly over these past few years."

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