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Ryan Gosling: I'm walking a tightrope

Ryan Gosling feels like a "tightrope-walker" and is trying to keep "looking ahead".

The actor has seen his star rise following appearances in Crazy, Stupid, Love., Drive, Blue Valentine and his newest release Gangster Squad. Ryan feels under a great deal of pressure to continue impressing Hollywood with his performances.

"This is a tightrope; I'm a tightrope-walker right now. I can't look down or I'll fall," he told ShortList magazine. "I just try to stay focused and look ahead. If I really look around at what I'm doing or how I'm doing it, I'll ruin it. So I can't afford to think that way. This is an industry that builds you up and takes you down, and I don't mean that in a cynical way. It's the circle of life around these parts. I expect it to happen, sooner or later. It's something you can't spend too much time on because it will come, so you stay focused and get as much work done as you can."

Ryan says the success he enjoyed in 2011 was the "perfect storm of strange events" and he felt it had taken years for him to cement his Hollywood status.

Although appearing in a series of popular films has offered him new and exciting challenges, Ryan admits taking on high-profile roles is a scary prospect.

"I guess it feels different," he replied when asked if he feels his career has changed. "I mean, there's certainly a difference now, with more opportunities. But there are also more opportunities to f**k it up."

The 32-year-old hunk also touched upon the expectations that come with being a major movie star. Ryan believes men place too many demands upon each other and insists Hollywood doesn't always help ease the problem.

"I feel like there's a sense of confusion, as to what men want from each other, what's expected of them and what they expect from each other," he explained. "I feel like Hollywood is responsible for a lot of the stereotypes, so to a certain degree I'm in the belly of the beast. In some ways it makes it easier to see it, because you're in the factory, seeing how those archetypes are created."

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