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Ryan Gosling’s ‘complicated women’

Ryan Gosling has spoken about his experience getting arrested in Detroit, Michigan.

The 34-year-old actor is currently in Austin, Texas promoting his film Lost River at the South by Southwest festival.

His partner Eva Mendes gave birth to their baby girl Esmeralda in September of last year and Ryan couldn’t be happier with his brood.

“I have lots of complicated, amazing women in my life, and that’s increasing,” he noted during a panel he sat on with director Guillermo del Toro on Friday, according to Us Weekly magazine.

Ryan wrote, directed and produced fantasy-thriller Lost River, which was filmed in Detroit, Michigan.

In another interview with the Los Angeles Times, Ryan admitted he’s always had a fascination with that city.

He we was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, which is right on the border of the municipality, also referred to as Motor City.

Lost River was largely influenced by Ryan’s connection with this iconic city.

"It started by going to Detroit," he said of the origins of the movie’s storyline. "I think for a lot of Canadian kids, Detroit was like the pinup girl in your locker, the locker in your heart. I was just crushin' on the States pretty hard. And Detroit, because it was closest, but also because of what it was, sort of embodied America to me: Motown, the Model T, techno, Eminem, the refrigerator, really that whole iconic America."

Unfortunately Ryan has some bad memories in Detroit.

While filming his movie The Ides of March there in 2011, he was taken into custody by police.

"I'm not proud that I was arrested, but it did give me one of the central pieces for the main character [of Lost River],” Ryan noted.

Apparently cops thought he was trying to steal copper from abandoned buildings, but he was only taking pictures of them for inspiration.

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