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Ryan Guzman: Notice me!

Ryan Guzman says fans start crying when they meet his Step Up co-star Adam G. Sevani.

The actors starred alongside each other in 2012's Step Up Revolution and teamed up again for fifth instalment of the dance movies, All In.

In the latest flick, Ryan plays handsome lead Sean who heads to Las Vegas to enter VH1 dance competition The Vortex. He's joined by Adam's character Moose, who has become a lovable fan favourite.

"Adam is an interesting kid, that’s for sure. He comes with his fandom," Ryan grinned to Collider.

"I remember the very first scene we acted with each other - we were right next door to a middle school. They had just gotten out and we were doing our scene, and they saw that Adam Sevani was walking with me, towards them, and they just lost it. People were crying. He went over there and gave them a hug and took pictures.

"And then, Adam Shankman [producer] came over to me and said, 'Go over there and take some pictures, too.' Literally everybody was looking at me like, 'Who are you?!' It’s funny to see that his character, Moose, has such a huge effect on people. He’s loved by so many. It was cool to see that."

The 26-year-old's next venture is Jem and the Holograms, which is due for release in 2016. It's based on the '80s cartoon about a music company producer and her singer alter ego.

Although Ryan admits he was "more of a G.I. Joe guy" and didn't know much about the original series, he was super excited to get involved.

"It’s crazy! I’m so tripped out about it," he gushed.

"I had to sing in that film. They gave us a 15-minute vocal lesson, and then we were told, 'All right, you’re okay. You’re good enough. Go sing in the booth.' And I had never sung before! I was really, really nervous, and sweating a little bit. Actually, I was sweating a lot.

"I was just trying to do something new, and something I never thought I would be able to do. I want to show people that I’m still growing, as a person and an actor, with this film. Jem and the Holograms has no dancing for me, but I’m showing you a new side of me by singing."

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