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Ryan Reynolds' acting itch

Ryan Reynolds feels bad for abandoning his job at the Safeway store to become an actor in LA.

The 37-year-old actor is a huge Hollywood star and is married to A-list beauty Blake Lively.

He grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but his life changed when he was just a teenager and bagged a part in '90s Nickelodeon show Fifteen, also known as Hillside.

Desperate not to follow other young stars down a rocky path, he tried to return to normality but found he craved stardom.

“When I came back home, I’d seen all the pitfalls that childhood actors can fall into and I was lucky enough to avoid them, all those sand traps of entitlement you suddenly think you deserve," he explained to

“So I got into college and didn’t even last a term before I got itchy feet and went down to LA on a whim. I didn’t even quit my job at Safeway. I just left. Somebody is probably still covering my shift there.

He might be starring in huge movies such as Buried and latest venture The Captive now, but it wasn't quite so easy at the start. Ryan admitted he was a little naive and thought he'd walk into something like top improv group The Groundlings.

“I thought there would be a little tiny red carpet waiting just for me. Big surprise, Ryan! There wasn’t," he laughed.

It's not just his films he's known for - he's also one of the hunkiest leading actors with hordes of adoring female fans. In 2010 he became People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive but he brushed off the compliment, embarrassed.

“I just think of myself as that cross-eyed Canadian,” he shrugged, before making a joke about fellow Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling, who is yet to receive the title.

“OK, OK, I’ve got to admit this good-looking thing got a bit out of hand after I made The Notebook.”

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