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Ryan Reynolds: Fame is brutal so don't judge

Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds worries about the stress and strain being famous puts on young stars.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Actor Ryan Reynolds warns that a sharp rise to fame can be incredibly dangerous for young stars, so people shouldn't slam them for being privileged.

The Hollywood star began his career in 1990 when he was a young teenager, winning a role in a Canadian soap opera called Hillside. He managed to make the move into film with flicks such as The Proposal and Green Lantern, but he can still vividly remember how overwhelming the industry felt when he was starting out. This is why he will never judge young stars who go off the rails.

"I was a little reckless and out of control, I didn’t really have the resources and the mindset to deal with the position that I was in," he explained to "I really feel for the younger stars, those 19 to 20-year-old artists who are coming in to fame and fortune, and all those different things. It’s easy to laugh at them and poke fun, (especially) because they are obscenely privileged, but at the same time, what they’re dealing with can be pretty dangerous. We see people fall victim to it and have their lives destroyed."

These days Ryan, 38, has a whole new set of worries to overcome, as he is still learning about being a parent following the birth of his and wife Blake Lively's daughter James in December (14). One thing the star is certain about is that the tot won't have a sheltered life just because her parents are famous.

"I’m not going to hide in my apartment because I’m worried that someone may take a picture of my baby," he insisted. "I want to experience life, I want my kids to have the same experiences I did. I want them to be outdoors, to experience the world and all the wondrous moments and bulls**t I did."

In September (15), Ryan opened up about how devastated he was when he discovered one of his best friends had been trying to sell photographs of James to the media. He was forced to cut the unnamed person out of his life because of the betrayal, even though they had been friends for 25 years.

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