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Ryan Reynolds: I got into a fight in Amsterdam

Ryan Reynolds says the last time he got into a fight it was all a "blur".

The actor stars in new action thriller Safe House with Denzel Washington where he comes to blows in many of the scenes.

But Ryan told MTV News that he hasn't had such a violent past - apart from one episode in Holland when he was younger.

"I was in Amsterdam and I was probably about 20," Ryan recalled. "People can wander around a little affected there, and this guy was on something funny and he just came at me.

"I don't know what he did but he just came at me. I was 20 years old and it was a blur. I ended up in this quick little brawl and then it was over.

"The next thing I knew the police were escorting me to the train station and asking me to leave. Not because I was in trouble, but because they thought, 'If this guy sees you again, he's going to stab you.' I was escorted off the city limits."

Shooting the high-octane new movie didn't come without its perils though. In one violent car scene, Ryan ended up giving Denzel a black eye.

"We're having a pretty intense fight scene in the car and we're all over the place," he recalled in an interview with BBC Breakfast.

"And I felt my head connect with something tall dark and expensive. It was pretty awful."

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