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Ryan Reynolds reveals raucous childhood

Ryan Reynolds has recalled his raucous upbringing with three older brothers in Vancouver.

The actor grew up in Vancouver with his parents and three brothers.

A largely-male household meant things occasionally got raucous at the Reynolds'.

"When I was a kid I was constantly getting into fights with my three older brothers. Our home was definitely not a place for sissies," he laughed to German magazine TV Movie.

Ryan still enjoys showing off his tough attitude in action films such as his latest project R.I.P.D.

He's always insisted on doing his own stunts, which has wreaked havoc on his body.

"Slamming onto a concrete floor at the age of 36 isn't funny anymore," he grimaced.

"My body is completely broken; I go to physiotherapy about four or five times a week."

In September last year, Ryan married stunning Gossip Girl star Blake Lively.

While the actress is known for putting her best fashion foot forwards, Ryan isn't quite so bothered when it comes to style.

"I dress for the weather. If it's warm: a T-shirt. If it's cold: Put a jumper over the top," he shrugged, adding his favourite item is a ten-year-old leather jacket.

"A good leather jacket can withstand most things - I like that."

Ryan has hobbies outside of acting and spending time with his wife.

The star is a keen fan of old motorbikes and spends much of his time doing them up.

"They're so old that I'm constantly repairing them. But I love that. I drive like a grandma when I'm in a car," he grinned.

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