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Sage Stallone 'felt pressure'

Sage Stallone was feeling "the pressure" of having a famous father in the weeks leading up to his death, says his friend.

The 36-year-old son of Sylvester Stallone was found dead at his home in Los Angeles last week, with prescription medication thought to have played a part in his passing.

His pal Stephen Wozniack alleges Sage had been finding things hard for a while and was spending increasing amounts of time alone.

"Sage was not in the best of health and I think he felt the pressure. He wanted to make his dad proud. He felt the need to deliver rather than develop," he told British newspaper The Sun.

"It was such a huge shadow to grow up in. He was private and guarded. I'm certain he did spend time alone for weeks."

Sage appeared alongside his father in 1990 movie Rocky V and although he loved being involved with films, Stephen says he struggled too.

He reportedly became depressed and it's thought he was taking anti-anxiety medicine as well as painkillers following dental surgery before he died.

Stephen has suggested other areas of Sage's life weren't healthy.

"He was very heavy, 50lbs. overweight or more. He ate incredibly rich foods every day. For him it was comfort food. It would help him relax or sleep," he said.

"He kept strange hours - he would rise at 3am and go back to bed at 7am. He drank a great deal of soda, eight, nine, ten cans a day. Probably more.

"He also smoked two to three packs of heavy-duty cigarettes a day. And I was aware of the prescription drug use."

An autopsy has been carried out on Sage's body, with toxicology tests due back within four to six weeks.

Sylvester has reportedly hired a private investigator to look into his son's death.

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