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Saldana’s cranberry craving

Zoe Saldana used to drink gallons of cranberry juice.

The 35-year-old actress couldn’t get enough of the fruity drink when she was younger.

It wasn't until one of her sisters warned her about the effects that Zoe realised she should reduce her intake.

"For four years in a row I was doing nothing but drinking [cranberry juice] and then my sister said, 'You're really going to over-exhaust your kidneys,'" Zoe recalled to

"Because it's one thing to drink one or two glasses a day [but] all I was drinking was cran-water. I would get a gallon and put some in this and just drink it and go. Then after a while I was like, 'Oh, my right kidney's always hurting,' and [my sister] was like, 'You want to give it a break then?'"

The American star landed her breakthrough role in 2002 film Crossroads alongside Britney Spears. Zoe took some valuable life lessons from working with the singer.

"To be humble," she replied when asked what she learnt from Britney. "She's a southern belle, man. Like she's a southern girl, a southern gal. It doesn't matter what happens in her life, or what ups and downs or whatever, that little girl is always very respectful and very pure."

Now she has made it in the industry Zoe strives to keep her feet on the ground. She enjoys having a successful career but doesn't let it take over her life.

"If I ever start believing my hype I feel like I will stop being an artist and become more of a celebrity. I'm not a celebrity. I am an artist. I go to work every day, I become the characters that I am hired to do," she explained.

"I get so involved sometimes, and I invest so much of myself sometimes that it takes me months to get out of it, to really come back to my life. Like, a gradual introduction to my life."

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