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Salma Hayek: I need to be challenged

Salma Hayek assured François-Henri Pinault she would never become a "society lady".

The actress is a huge star, making big films such as 2002's Frida, which saw her nominated for an Oscar.

She married Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, one of the richest men in France, in 2009, making their joint fortune one many people can only dream of. But Salma would never resort to becoming a kept woman and pays all her own bills.

"If you took my bills away from me, that would feel strange. I think it is part of what gives me confidence, to work, to know I can pay them," she explained to British newspaper The Guardian.

"I would die if I did nothing but manicures and lunches. That would be a nightmare to me. It was a condition when I married François. I said: ‘Listen, don’t think I am going to be a society lady, OK?’ And he said, ‘Of course – I would hate that!’”

The 48-year-old has several upcoming projects, including thriller Septembers of Shiraz and fantasy The Tale of Tales.

She also works hard on empowering women via fundraising efforts and explains why she feels so passionately.

“The amount of pressure on women now, it’s crazy. You have to be much better than your male colleagues, just so you can maybe try and get the same salary as them," she expressed.

"And you still have to be a good wife and mother. And now you also have to be skinny, and you have to look 20 when you’re 40. It’s too much. We need to stop with the crazy expectations, give ourselves a break.”

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