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Salma Hayek: I'm no preacher

Salma Hayek's daughter is aware of her mother "fighting for the rights of women".

The 48-year-old actress is a dedicated activist when it comes to helping females feel more empowered and was honoured by organisation Equality Now at the Make Equality Reality event on Monday. While she holds strong views, Salma doesn't feel the need to drill them into her seven-year-old daughter Valentina, who she has with her husband François-Henri Pinault.

"I don't preach to her every day," Salma explained to People magazine. "She's aware that her mommy fights for the rights of women, that there are many places in the world where they are not entitled to the rights."

But it seems the youngster is already interested in the topic and is a "big fan" of Malala Yousafzai, the teenager who took a shot to the head for supporting female education. Salma is proud that Valentina holds her own opinions.

"She understands who [Malala] is and what she does," she said. "Because of this, it makes her appreciate her own opportunities for education. She knows everything I do for Chime for Change (the campaign she co-founded with Beyoncé Knowles and Gucci's Frida Giannini) and how important it is in my life. That's all I can do. Just try to live an example of the things I believe in."

As she accepted her award earlier this week, Salma shared why she thinks women's rights are so important and she also offered to help anyone wishing to get involved.

She may be passionate about helping her gender, but that's not to say she dismisses men's rights either.

"I am not a feminist," she insisted. "If men were going through the things women are going through today, I would be fighting for them with just as much passion. I believe in equality."

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