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Sam Claflin: Everyone needs secrets

Actor Sam Claflin isn't the type to divulge all his feelings, as he worries he could hurt somebody.

Sam Claflin believes it's important to have some secrets, even within a relationship.

The Hunger Games star has been married to actress Laura Haddock since 2013 and is always gushing that it was love at first sight for the pair. Despite their perfect union, he says it's not essential to tell each other absolutely everything.

"I think it's important to have a few secrets," the star told Germany's Cosmopolitan magazine. "Even in a relationship - it keeps the love alive. I am a fan of honesty and do think it's the basis of any friendship. But if I were to share every little thing I'm feeling with everybody, it's pretty likely I'd hurt someone. When my wife asks me something I never lie, but I don't just blurt everything out either."

Despite his attitude, Sam was very open about his feelings on love, admitting it does scare him sometimes. However he's lucky enough not to have had too many bad experiences.

"When you fall in love, you put everything into someone else's hands," he mused. "That person has control over you, which can be scary.

"Luckily however, I'm a pretty fearless person. That's no doubt down to the fact that I thankfully haven't lost anyone I'm very close to yet. But I do think a little fear is a positive thing, as it means you stay alert. Without it, we'd all be super-happy all the time - which I would find unbearable!"

Sam doesn't just have plenty of philosophies surrounding love; he also lives by certain ideas in other areas of his life. His motto is that everyone only gets one chance at life.

"Do what you want and regret nothing," he smiled. "Don't set your goals too high - I keep mine achievable, as I don't like to be disappointed."

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