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Sam Claflin's alcohol aspirations

Sam Claflin and Max Irons are pleased the director "kept tabs" on them so they didn't spiral out of control while filming The Riot Club.

The actor stars alongside Max Irons and Douglas Booth in the film about an elite group of students and England's prestigious Oxford University.

In one scene, Sam's character Alistair Ryle is encouraged to down a glass of wine with everything from spit to a cigarette butt in. It might seem like a harrowing initiation, but the star was keen to get stuck in.

"Sam Claflin told me - you know the scene where they put all sorts of horrible things into a glass of wine? - he wanted to do it for real!" Max laughed to

The boys all became good friends on set and enjoyed their own booze-fuelled nights out. But director Lone Scherfig was always around to keep an eye on them.

"We let off steam; we got a little carried away," Sam grinned.

"Luckily we had mother hen Lone keeping tabs on us. But we definitely had a lot of fun."

Throughout the film, the boys' behaviour spirals increasingly out of control, until a bloody crescendo at the end.

Max was initially sceptical about taking on unlikeable character Miles Richards, but doesn't think the film glamorises such behaviour.

"Unfortunately it does exist, we're not exaggerating, and consequently I think it's good to point the spotlight," he reasoned.

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