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Sam Riley: I had low self esteem

Sam Riley says he was a "late bloomer" when it came to dating.

The 34-year-old Maleficent star married his actress wife Alexandra Maria Lara in 2009 and they welcomed a son in January this year. He might be all loved up now, but things weren't always so easy for the actor.

"I was my own biggest hindrance when I was young," he admitted to German magazine Joy. "I was a late bloomer with low self esteem. I drank for Dutch courage. Then I became a singer in a rock band, which really helped. When you're up on stage, singing, women suddenly find you very attractive."

Despite his busy acting career, which sees him star alongside Angelina Jolie in fantasy film Maleficent, Sam has become a real family man. His wife and son have managed to change the way he sees life.

"I'm not as lazy, it just wouldn't be possible anymore," he mused. "And I'm no longer as selfish. My personal interests are no longer as important."

Despite his growing fame, the British actor is determined to keep his feet firmly on the ground. Some of the aspects of his career seem laughable to his loved ones.

"At some point, they're apparently going to make a doll of me. My friends and family find that very amusing. But my actual life is completely different."

The final trailer for Maleficent has now been released and the film will be released from May 28. The UK premiere takes place in London today, with Sam and Angelina both due to attend.

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