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Sam Worthington: Pitt left me drooling

Sam Worthington "drooled, then dribbled" when he first met Brad Pitt.

The Australian actor admits he was star-struck when he was introduced to Brad about eight years ago. So much so that he couldn't speak.

"He asked me a questions about the Sydney Olympics, I stood there and drooled, then dribbled, and then he said, 'Well, it was real nice talking to ya!' and walked off," he told the April edition of Empire magazine.

"I was all tongue-tied like an idiot. I just couldn't speak."

That wasn't the only embarrassing moment the Avatar star has chosen to share. He was once busted while trying to steal an Ottoman from a hotel for his mom.

"The hotel staff caught us and told us to put it back. I don't think I can stay in that hotel again," he laughed.

While he is a big fan of Brad and his films, Sam admits he has walked out on films before including The New World, starring his friend Christian Bale.

"I got bored," he said. "There were too many shots of grass in that movie... Also an Australian movie called My Mother Frank. You have to print this one because my mate is in it and it'll make him laugh that I walk out. Well, either laugh or he'll come and punch me," Sam quipped.

Sam can currently be seen in the crime thriller Man on a Ledge.

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