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Sambora death threat case closed

Richie Sambora won’t be charged after claims he threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend have been revealed as a huge misunderstanding.

The Bon Jovi rocker had been accused of threatening to kill ex-girlfriend Nikki Lund earlier this year.

Nikki previously alleged Richie was physically abusive to her and pointed a gun at her prior to their split.

She also claimed that the only reason she had gone to the police then, and not while they were together, was because her publicist had heard claims that Richie had threatened to throw acid in Nikki’s face.

However, it has now been revealed that the publicist’s message had been misunderstood, and he had only told Nikki that “bad things” can happen in a bitter split.

According to, prosecutors have emails and text messages which appear to back up the publicist’s story.

The outlet also claims that the case has now been closed after it emerged that everything was a misunderstanding over a business deal.

Back in January, the Daily Mail Online claimed that the musician told his ex he would “dig a hole in the desert and bury her” in a threat allegedly made during a heated argument that took place over the phone on March 19, 2014.

“She held off going to cops hoping that the situation would resolve itself,” an insider told the website, adding that Nikki eventually made the report one week later, on the “advice from lawyers and business associates”.

Lieutenant Jennifer Seetoo of the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station confirmed to the website that Richie is indeed a “person of interest”, adding that a “report was taken regarding criminal threats” and that it is “an active investigation”.

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