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Samuel L. Jackson: I was a cheerleader

Samuel L. Jackson has spoken about how he reacted to his wife LaTanya Richardson’s surprise marriage proposal.

The 66-year-old actor is well-known for his butt-kicking roles in films such as Pulp Fiction, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Iron Man.

But Samuel was once shaking pom poms at pep rallies.

“I became a cheerleader but it wasn’t just to meet a woman, I wanted to travel all the places the team went to meet women,” he revealed during an appearance on BBC One network’s The Graham Norton Show. “I had megaphones and just called out to the girls who then danced. I went to an all boys school and I was the only volunteer to be a cheerleader that year!”

Samuel has been married to his other half LaTanya Richardson since 1980 and the pair share 33-year-old daughter Zoe together.

Samuel and LaTanya met in 1974 at his alma mater Morehouse College, an all male university. At the time LaTanya attended Spelman College, a historic black university for women based in Atlanta.

And during his chat with Graham Norton, Samuel reminisced about the day they became engaged to wed.

“My wife is very direct. We had been living together 10 years and I just came in one day and she gave me our wedding invitation and said, ‘Be there’,” he smiled. “I was there. I did not miss it!”

Samuel has previously gushed about how much he loves the important women in his life.

The Barely Lethal star learned how to communicate through his feminine loved ones.

"I've been shaped by a lot of women. Honestly. When you come down to it. Between my grandmother, my aunt, my mom, whole bunch of schoolteachers that I had. Then I met my wife, who I've been with for forty-some years. And now my daughter has some part in that," he explained to America's Esquire. "Some hard lessons. Some gentle lessons. I learned to hear what people were saying and not to talk while they were talking so I wouldn't miss any of that message. The whole thing was: keep your mouth shut and listen. So I learned to listen."

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