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Samuel L. Jackson: I'm still top of Hollywood

Samuel L. Jackson has joked he doesn't want the "Harry Potter or Twilight kids" to overtake his success in Hollywood.

The actor is famed for his appearances in blockbuster franchises including Star Wars and Iron Man. He is currently starring as Nick Fury in the star-studded Avengers Assemble, and has joked that the hotly-anticipated Marvel superhero film will help him remain top of the world's most commercially successful actors.

"It's been happening for a few years now, since Star Wars. During those films George [Lucas - director] told me that I was going to overtake Harrison Ford. Which I did. And now, as long as I keep doing blockbusters, it's become an on-going thing," he told British newspaper The Times.

"I'm sure those Harry Potter kids are getting close to me. Or maybe even the Twilight kids. But if I stay in the Avengers series I think I have a chance to remain on top."

Alongside his success in the film industry, Samuel has maintained a loving 31-year marriage. The 63-year-old star has revealed the secret to his long-lasting romance.

"To have respect each other, and to sometimes know that you have to say you're sorry, even if you're not," he explained.

"And, when you have a problem, don't walk away. Count to ten, and figure it out. Because it's always easier to walk away."

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