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Sandra Bullock: I’m a stunt mother

Sandra Bullock admits she often questions whether doing stunts on movie sets is a good idea now that she’s a mother.

The 48-year-old actress is mother to three-year-old adopted child Louis.

Sandra stars alongside funnywoman Melissa McCarthy in The Heat. She plays a straight-laced FBI agent who attempts to take down a drug lord with Melissa’s tough Boston police officer character.

Numerous comical action sequences were captured in the film, but stunts in The Heat were nowhere near as dangerous as those performed in her 1994 film Speed.

Sandra put her welfare before art to ensure her baby boy Louis will be well looked after far into the future.

“I insist on doing my own stunts all the time. But the one thing that makes you reconsider doing your stunts is when you have a child,” she laughed to Cover Media.

“You go what if I should fall and die on this one? Would it be a smart move? I didn’t have crazy stuff to do. There were a couple of days where stunt people had explosives falling on them and Melissa and I went and had coffee.”

Although she puts safety first nowadays Sandra is unlikely to cut out movie stunts entirely.

The Academy Award-winning actress loves theatre, but her Hollywood and maternal commitments keeps her from gracing the stage.

“I might [do West End theatre] but the thing I like about my life are the school runs,” she smiled.

“I want to be there for every school run, every project and when you do theatre the commitment is so great. I mean, I say never say never, one day I’m going, ‘I’m doing theatre, I’m going to the West End!’ But right now I’m so happy in this world I live in, probably not. In the future, maybe.”

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