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Sandra Bullock: I’m too busy to date

Sandra Bullock says her three-year-old son is the only man at the "center of [her] universe".

The Hollywood actress adopted baby Louis in 2010, and she raises the child as a single parent following her divorce from Jesse James.

Sandra insists she doesn't have time for another special someone in her life as she’s so busy with her little three-year-old.

“The little man is still very much the centre of my universe," she laughed in an interview with “He's still very young and one day things could change, but right now we have a very busy schedule full of important things to do, like swim class from three to four. And then feeding him takes hours, so by the end of the day, around eight, you wouldn't want to go out with me anyway because I'm a mess!

“But when that all calms down, who knows what could happen?”

Sandra says her days juggling her glittering movie career and motherhood have their benefits though.

The 48-year-old’s busy schedule has given her a new lease of life.

“The day starts getting up at the crack of dawn, make the lunch, go to school, manage to have two hours to clean something, work out and go back and pick him up and take him to swim class, a play date and then it's dinner, bath and bed,” she rattles off the list. “People ask, 'Are you exhausted?' Yeah, and for a really good reason, because there is no stone unturned. It's afforded me a childhood, because I get up and say, 'All I want to do is have fun!'”

Sandra appears in The Heat opposite comedy actress Melissa McCarthy. The star was convinced to take the part after hearing the Bridesmaids star was involved.

“I was happy being at home, but a friend sent me the script and I laughed out loud from beginning to end,” she said.

“Then I heard Melissa was also reading it and that was it, because I'd really wanted to work with her.”

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