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Sandra Bullock 'soothed' by Clooney

Sandra Bullock thinks George Clooney has a very “soothing” voice.

The two stars appear as the only actors in drama Gravity, about an astronaut and a medical engineer who are left adrift in space.

Rumours about a romance between the actors have been rife and Sandra admits she enjoyed being close to the Hollywood hunk during filming.

“There were very few days when we were physically next to each other,” she explained to British magazine Look.

“Most of the time I was in a box with headphones on. Everything was black and I saw no one. All I had was George’s voice. And his voice is so soothing. It was very intimate.”

Sandra won an Oscar for her performance in The Blind Side and is one of the most coveted actresses around.

While she might have experienced success in Hollywood, she knows there is still a long way for women to go in the industry.

“Six years ago I was working on a project and I realised, ‘Oh my god, all the walls I’m running into are because I’m female,’” she recalled.

“I was appalled and depressed. But I do think times are changing.”

Sandra, 49, juggles her career with raising her adopted son Louis as a single parent.

Being a mother to the three-year-old has completely changed her life.

“I’m much less stressed and wrapped up in my own life now – I feel like I’m enjoying things more,” she smiled.

“I do always wonder whether I’m doing things right, but I guess those are normal concerns when you are a parent – I want to be the best mom possible. But life is good.”

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