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Sarah Silverman: Mother knows best

Sarah Silverman has shared her top tips for dating and getting old.

The American funny-lady has dished her best dos and don'ts in the UK edition of Glamour magazine, and says that listening to her mother's advice following boy trouble is something she'll never forget.

"Do listen to your mom. She may surprise you. The first time I got my heart broken, I thought I was going to die. My mom was like, 'Don't build a wall. Don't let this keep you from falling in love again. Even though it hurts, it's worth it.' I never forgot that," Sarah smiled.

On the subject of dating, Sarah had plenty to say. She advises that the best relationships work when each partner gets turned on by the other, but she also says that looking for someone to complete you is a big no-no.

"Don't be a bitter ex," she added. "I adore the men I've dated and tend to stay close friends. They become family. I could be bitter, but bitterness feels bad. And it's ageing."

At 43, Sarah looks much younger than her years, with smooth skin and long black hair.

Her looks, along with her knack for making people laugh, no doubt helped snare British actor Michael Sheen when they began dating earlier this year, and Sarah wasn't shy about sharing her tips for eternal youth.

"Don't hate on your grown-ass skin," she warned. "I know, ageing is like a really slow-moving horror movie, especially for women. But the lines on our faces are valuable. When I see people with fillers or weirdo stretched-out faces, I'm like, 'You look crazy. (Except Jennifer Aniston. I don't know what she does, but she looks f**king great!)'

"Your skin is gonna change. Mine is changing now. It's getting looser. It's how it is, OK?"

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