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Scar-Jo: Chris Evans told me dirty stories

Scarlett Johansson pestered co-star Chris Evans for stories on the set of their new film.

The actress stars alongside Chris in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, resurrecting her role as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow.

During breaks in filming, she'd get the 32-year-old to tell her stories.

"Chris is a great storyteller and so I usually asked about all the down and dirty stories," she told BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw.

"I'd say, 'Tell me about all your friends in Boston and the most disgusting thing you have ever seen in person.'"

While she couldn't reveal what his answer was on air, she did explain what it was like to make the latest Marvel film together.

The 29-year-old admitted that some of the biggest action scenes could take days if not weeks to film, but she was glad that this time around she had some scenes of high drama.

"I have some pretty dramatic scenes with Chris, which you wouldn't expect from a franchise, but we finally get to do some actual acting, which we have been waiting for for ten years," she joked.

As well as her good relationship with Chris, Scarlett also shared details of her connection with her other co-star, Samuel L. Jackson.

The film marks the fourth time the duo have worked together and Scarlett says they get on really well.

"We have worked together for close to ten years at this point. We have a nice rapport between us," she said.

"We are waiting for our [Humphrey] Bogart and [Lauren] Bacall moment - it's just right around the corner."

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