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ScarJo: Redford is calming

Scarlett Johansson was thrilled to reunite with Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The 29-year-old actress appeared alongside the star in 1998's The Horse Whisperer and they reunited on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where Scarlett plays Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Robert takes on the role of Alexander Pierce. The star was thrilled to work with the 77-year-old again.

"It was wonderful," she gushed to the British edition of OK! magazine. "He's still as thoughtful, kind and interested as ever - it was nice to have him on set because everyone was so excited to work with him. He brings a calming presence."

Scarlett has won many fans as the flame-haired Black Widow, who has a penchant for tight black catsuits. She's always happy to get back into character and fight baddies on screen.

"I like the character she is," she smiled. "She needs to be quick-thinking, her fighting style is to use her size to her advantage. There are these huge guys and she's like this little mouse who's hard to capture. It's a Tom and Jerry situation. It's what makes the character so playful. I think it makes her more relatable, you root for her more."

Scarlett has been open about her desire to move behind the camera and she will make her directorial feature film debut with this year's drama, Summer Crossing. Having been in the industry for a long time, the star feels proud to look back at her career.

"I've been working for 20 years and, you know, I've had a lot of really wonderful opportunities," she said. "I've been able to maintain my own artistic integrity while still dabbling in different genres."

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